Microsoft HoloLens Brings Groovy AR Tech Demos To Volvo Dealerships

Volvo HoloLens demo

It seems like we can't go a single day without hearing about something relating to virtual reality, and because of that, it's easy to forget about AR, or augmented reality. Both VR and AR cater to different sorts of needs, and with its HoloLens, Microsoft has in the past proven that AR isn't just about fun, it's about productivity.

As we now learn, it can also be about giving customers a unique experience when it comes to purchasing a car. In a new spotlight video, Volvo talks about how it can use HoloLens to better explain features of its autos to potential customers, as well as let them see what their chosen color would look like in real life".

In the above video, different examples are given of what HoloLens can do. When showing a prospective customer one of its models, the car can be broken down in real time so that the mechanics can be better explained. That then ties into live examples of how Volvo's safety features work, such as one that allows the car to autobrake in order to avoid an accident. Volvo has long been renowned for its commitment to driver safety, and HoloLens allows the company to better than ever explain how it makes its autos so safe.

An interesting point is raised in this video, where Microsoft says that Volvo loves technology, but only if it makes people's lives simpler. HoloLens, while technologically complex, aligns with that thinking. All a user has to do is put the headset on, and everything from that point on looks to be incredibly straight-forward.

It's not clear if there's a wide HoloLens rollout here, but given what the technology can do, it wouldn't be surprising to see other car makers latch onto it as well.