Microsoft Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book With 1TB SSD, 16GB RAM, Core i7 Now Available

Surface fam
Microsoft announced its Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book tablets way back in early October, however, those clamoring to purchase the most expensive SKUs have been left holding on to their credit cards in disappointment. Well, the wait is over, and Microsoft has announced that range-topping SKUs of both tablets are available to purchase in the United States and Canada.

For those that need a refresher, the Surface Book is a 13.5-inch (3000x2000) convertible tablet that doubles as a notebook with its included keyboard dock/base. The Surface Pro 4, the successor to the Surface Pro 3, is a 12.3-inch (2736x1824) tablet that can be equipped with an optional keyboard cover.

So what kind of hardware do you get in the maxed out configurations? Well, you’ll receive a sixth generation (Skylake) Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and a spacious 1TB SSD. If you opt for the Surface Book, you’ll also gain a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GPU (which is only a factor when you dock the tablet with its keyboard base). Neither configuration is geared towards penny pinchers, as the top Surface Pro 4 SKU is priced at $2,699, while the most expensive Surface Book is an eye-watering $3,199.

Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft is also announcing a new gold Surface Pen, because “Gold is Best” of course. “The new gold Surface Pen makes a bold statement as a colorful complement to your Surface that’s also a powerful tool for both creativity and productivity,” writes Microsoft. “The gold Surface Pen also includes the Surface Pen Tip Kit so you can further customize the experience of taking notes or drawing on your Surface.”

Surface Pen Gold

The gold Surface Pen is available in Canada, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United States, and is priced at $59.99.