Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Users Once Again Complain About Extreme Battery Degradation

It seems as though Microsoft Surface Pro 3 owners just can’t catch a break when it comes to battery-related problems. We’ve already cataloged the convertible tablet’s battery woes, which were finally resolved with a firmware update back in late August.

However, just as one battery problem has been squashed, another rises to confound users. While the first battery fiasco pertained to units with integrated SIMPLO batteries, Surface Pro 3 owners that installed the August update are saying that their LGC-LGC batteries are now seeing severe battery degradation.

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While it would seem that the timing of the firmware update and the increased reports of problems are related, that is not the official line from Microsoft. An official for Microsoft posted the following in the Surface forums:

We are aware of a battery issue that is affecting a limited number of Surface Pro 3 users. We can confirm that the issue affecting these customers was not caused by the software updates issued on August 29th. Our team is actively looking in to the issue to determine the cause and identify a fix. We will post an update as soon as we have more information to share.  

However, some users aren’t sold on Microsoft’s response. “Before the anniversary FW update, my surface was charging and worked fine for the most part,” writes BelalK. “It just can't be a coincidence that a number of user's batteries stopped charging after the updates on the 29th. If the updates were unrelated, why was everyone here affected by the same issue in the same time frame?”

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t provide any further guidance into what is causing the problems or when a new fix will be issued.