Microsoft Tests Surface Pro 3 Software Fix For Rapid Battery Drain

Over the past couple of months, many Surface Pro 3 users have complained of rapid battery drain. As we reported at the time, Microsoft's Panos Panay said that the SP3's battery should hold up to weekday charges over the course of four-and-a-half years, at which point the battery would be expected to have about 80% of its capacity remaining. Even though Surface Pro 3s were released a couple of years ago, most users' batteries should not be draining noticeably quicker quite yet.

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In last month's post, we noted that Microsoft believes the issue could be fixed through software, and over the weekend, Panay took to Twitter to confirm that a software fix is indeed possible, and that the company is currently testing a fix.

This leads to a couple of questions. First, we'd love to know when the fix will be released to the public, because there are clearly many who've had to deal with this issue for the past couple of months. It would also be quite interesting to know the actual cause of the issue. At this point Microsoft has revealed few details, even though it has no problem acknowledging the issue exists.

Nonetheless, it's great to see Microsoft has a fix en route, though it has taken longer than most would like, which leads us to believe that a fair bit of reworking had to be done in order to undo whatever flaw exists.