Microsoft Surface Plus Financing Program Lets You Upgrade Every 18 Months

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When it comes to Windows-based computers, Microsoft’s Surface family are among the best on the market thanks to first-party status, handsome designs, great performance and excellent build quality. However, products like the Surface Book and especially the Surface Studio aren’t exactly “affordable” machines by any stretch of the imagination.

The Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Book and Surface Studio start at $799, $999, $1,349 and $2,999 respectively

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As a result, Microsoft is looking to entice buyers that would have otherwise passed on Surface hardware with the new Surface Plus and Surface Plus for Business financing programs. Subject to credit approval, regular consumers looking into Surface Plus will be able to purchase Surface hardware on a 24-month plan with 0 percent APR. As long as you have been making regular payments and haven’t fallen behind, you will be eligible to upgrade to a brand-new device after 18 months.

Once you upgrade to a new Surface device, your 24-month payment plan resets. If this sounds familiar, it’s the same financing scheme that wireless carriers like AT&T and Verizon use when customers purchase new smartphones. Unfortunately, there is currently no information on how the trade-in process works when you’re ready to upgrade or if you will receive a purchase credit for the old device.

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When it comes to Surface Plus for Business, Microsoft offers an even wider array of options for Surface purchases and upgrades:

  • Multiple Surface models: Customers can add as many devices as they want into a single agreement and can have a mix of models across the Surface portfolio.
  • The latest devices: Previously unavailable, customers can now finance a 55” Surface Hub in addition to the new Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Book, and Surface Studio to unlock the power of the group in their businesses.
  • Office 365 for Business: For an additional $8.25 per user per month, businesses can enjoy the ultimate productivity experience on Surface.
  • Flexible Terms: Businesses can choose flexible 18, 24, or 30 month periods, with the ability to upgrade devices after just 12 months on a 24-month term (after 18 months on the 30-month term). Businesses can also expand or reduce their device fleet mid-term.
  • Device Protection: Surface Plus for Business offers peace of mind with the Microsoft Complete for Business extended service plan with accidental damage protection.

Microsoft says that its Surface Plus programs will be available starting today at 12PM via the Microsoft Store’s online portal and in side brick and mortar locations.

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