Microsoft Surface Mini Case Pops Up Online, Hints At Impending Tablet Release

Psst, hey you -- can you keep a secret? If so, you're ahead of tablet accessory makers and Amazon, both of which may have just confirmed the existence (and impending release) of Microsoft's rumored Surface Mini device. There's a listing on Amazon with an ultra-thin Smart Cover Case for the Microsoft Surface Mini, complete with a few pics, though they may be images of another 8-inch Windows tablet.

In any event, the folks at ZDNet stumbled upon the listing by Vostrostone, which appears to be a Chinese wholesaler and drop-shipper of consumer electronics and accessories. It's priced at $9.99 with $5.95 shipping and shows that it will be in stock on May 18, 2014. While the pictures may turn out to be placeholders, there's no mincing words in the description -- this case is specifically intended for the Surface Mini.

Microsoft Surface Mini

We wouldn't suggest betting the farm on a release date, but given that it would make little sense to start selling accessories for an unannounced device before it's made available, the listing hints that a Microsoft Surface Mini release is right around the corner.

"We have nothing to share," is the short, succinct comment from Microsoft on the matter.

This isn't the first we've heard of a smaller size Surface tablet. It was rumored Microsoft was at least thinking about a smaller Surface back in June of last year, and we heard more rumblings a few months later. Some rumors suggest Microsoft might go with an ARM foundation.