Microsoft Invites Gamers To Preview Project xCloud Game Streaming

Microsoft is getting ready for the future of gaming that will allow you to stream your favorite games to multiple devices. A preview is underway with Xbox Console Streaming Preview and Project xCloud Preview that will start in October 2019. The previews are a first look and will allow the streaming of Xbox games to an Android phone or tablet.

xbox game streaming

Microsoft says that there are two ways to stream in a pair of technical previews. One is to stream from the cloud with the Project xCloud Preview. This method allows fans to play Xbox favorites on an Android phone or tablet directly via the cloud. Microsoft promises console-quality games with no waiting for downloads.

Gamers wanting to try this out don't need to own a console or any of the games the service offers. Microsoft says that it will be adding games over time for players to enjoy. We know for starters that Sea of Thieves, Gears 5, and Halo 5 Guardians will be playable. To try out the cloud-based Project xCloud games, players need a compatible mobile device on Android 6.0 or higher with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.

A compatible Xbox Wireless controller with Bluetooth is needed. An optional clip to hold the smartphone to the controller is available at retailers according to Microsoft. Players also need 5GHz WiFi or a mobile data connection with 10 Mbps down and the Xbox Game Streaming App preview. Once gamers have all those items, they can register for the preview here. T-Mobile is the technical partner for this service and plans to start supporting the streaming service next month.

The other avenue is to stream games already installed on your Xbox One with the Xbox Console Streaming Preview. You'll need to use an Android phone or tablet and the Xbox Console Streaming app. Gamers need to be an active Xbox Insider for a chance to join this preview, which is listed as "coming soon". Microsoft was inviting Xbox One Insiders to join the Skip Ahead Preview Ring recently.