Microsoft Invites Xbox One Insiders To Join Skip Ahead Preview Ring, Here's How

xbox one s 2
Microsoft has announced that it is looking for Xbox Insiders who want to join the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring. That ring is currently using the latest 2004 OS build (2004.190918-1920). Microsoft says that version of the OS is the next major release that is expected to come to the Xbox One game console.

Microsoft notes that typically the version of the OS in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring won't come to the masses via general availability for "quite some time." These early looks at the future OS may contain features from other preview rings. Alpha Skip-Ahead serves as a place where Microsoft can build changes for the Xbox that will have a significant impact on the stability and functionality of the system overall.

We should warn you, however, that these early builds are often buggy, and there is a list of known issues, features, and fixes. Some users in the ring may see issues like the Home dashboard not displaying at startup. Some users may be prompted for a password or PIN even if the setting is disabled.

xbox skipahead

Microsoft says users who run into these issues shouldn't try to troubleshoot. Users should report the issues to file feedback and reach out on the subreddit or DM on Twitter, after which they'll be investigated. Invitations are open to any Xbox Insiders who follow the steps on the subreddit here. Access is limited and is handed out on a first-come basis, applications are taken through today. Required steps for those interested:

  1. While on your Xbox, hold the power button down until the power menu appears
  2. Select Report a problem
  3. Select Add New Problem
  4. Find our new sub-category tile named Future Build (you need to look a bit to find it, but the tile will stand out)
  5. Select the tile and let us know why you’re interested in being in Alpha Skip-Alpha!-Remember, we read every piece of feedback. Please be kind!

Microsoft has similar rings for Windows users, and it's not suggested to run those Windows versions that are in testing on a primary computer needed for work or school. Speaking of Windows, Microsoft launched a new Windows 10 preview build 18985 recently that had improved Bluetooth pairing and made other improvements.