Microsoft Rolls Out Last Minute Xbox One SmartGlass App Mobile Companion

Just under the wire before the Xbox One launches, Microsoft rolled out the SmartGlass companion app that’s designed to let you use your mobile device as a second screen. You can control your TV watching experience, browse the Web, navigate the Xbox One itself, and view “extended experiences” of TV shows, music, and games with the SmartGlass app.

For as handy as that may be in the living room, SmartGlass has some use while you’re out and about, too. You can search and browse for content to play later on the Xbox One and then pin it so it’s ready for you when you get home, and when it comes to games, you can interact with game friends, watch DVR-ed game clips, and more.

Microsoft Xbox One SmartGlass

Microsoft Xbox One SmartGlass Windows Phone

At launch, you can snag SmartGlass for Xbox One for iOS and Android as well as Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, and Windows RT for free.

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