Microsoft ‘Bug Chicks’ Ads Brag That Windows 10 PCs ‘Do More’ Than Macs

windows10 bug chicks
It’s been a while since we’ve seen direct Windows vs Mac PCs ads make the rounds, but it looks like Microsoft is looking to renew the efforts with its new ‘Do More’ advertising campaign. The first commercial introduces us to Christie and Jess, who call themselves The Bug Chicks. The duo’s mission is to introduce children to and teach them all about insects — and wouldn’t you know it, Windows 10 helps them better achieve that goal.

Following a 30-second intro, we’re presented with three additional 15-second spots that showcase why Windows 10 PCs are superior to Macs running OS X. “Windows and Cortana” talks about how helpful Cortana is at retrieving relevant information, including media files, with just the sound of your voice. The ad concludes with Christie stating, “Even on the new Macs, they don’t have that.”

That is definitely a relevant point, as Macs don’t yet have an equivalent voice-operated digital assistant. However, that will reportedly change this Fall when Apple brings Siri from iOS land to the OS X platform.

“Windows 10 and Inking” talks about the benefits of having touch and inking capabilities built into the operating system. Jess shows how easy it is to draw using her finger on the screen to explain insect anatomy to students, while Christie complains “I don’t have a touch screen on my Mac.”

Of course, you can get touch touch and inking functionality on an Apple tablet like the iPad Pro, but that same functionality doesn’t extend to the Mac product family. Apple has repeatedly stated in the past that it doesn’t support the usage model of touch screen displays for its desktop and tablets, citing fatigue and posture issues. Instead, the company has poured its development resources into perfecting its trackpad.

The final ad, “Windows 10 and Hello” shows how Microsoft’s newest operating system embraces new methods for unlocking a device including iris and face detection along with proven methods like fingerprint recognition.

Overall, the ads seem to fall a little flat. Microsoft does the best it can in these 15-second bursts to tout Windows 10’s benefits over OS X, but such functionality is unlikely to persuade diehard Mac fans. And with Siri integration likely coming before the end of the year, that’s one less talking point for the boys and gals from Redmond.