Microsoft Promises Same Day Upgrades To Windows 10 Or You Get A Free Dell Inspiron 15

Microsoft is definitely doing everything in its power to push Windows 10 onto customers before the July 29th free upgrade offer expenses. However, if performing the Windows 10 upgrade on your current PC is too difficult, you can always take it into a Microsoft Store to have the “Answer Desk” crew install the operating system for you for free.

And that’s where interesting part comes in. Microsoft has been running a rather intriguing promotion right under our noses for the past few weeks, and if you by chance qualify, you could become the owner of a brand new PC. Simply bring your compatible PC into a Microsoft Store before noon local time, and your machine will be upgraded to Windows 10 by close of business day or you’ll be given a brand new Dell Inspiron 15 notebook for free.

Dell Inspiron 15

The offer was first noticed by the folks over at Winbeta, and there are of course a few restrictions that are in place (although not as many as we were expecting). Other than having the machine checked in by noon, Microsoft says that the PC in question must meet the minimum system requirements for Windows 10 (obviously). The offer is only valid in the United States and Canada, and Microsoft doesn’t say if you can still keep your old machine if it fails to complete the upgrade to Windows 10 (although we can’t imagine that the company would commandeer your PC).

Microsoft is also featuring two additional promotions that aren’t nearly as impactful. If your current PC isn’t compatible with Windows 10, Microsoft will recycle the machine and give you a $150 discount on a new Windows 10 PC. You can also save $20 on Office 365 Home when you upgrade to Windows 10.

Microsoft’s free Dell Inspiron 15 promotion runs through July 29th and is available while supplies last.