Microsoft Products No Longer on Kaspersky Top 10 Vulnerabilities List, Adobe, Apple and Oracle Share The Pain

My, how times, have changed. It wasn’t that long ago that Apple reigned supreme on the security front and Windows (and the operating system's associated software) was a vulnerability-laden punchline, but over the years Microsoft has buckled down to fix its security woes.

No one is saying that Microsoft is suddenly immune to attacks, but Kaspersky no longer has any Microsoft products on its list of Top 10 vulnerabilities for Q3 2012. In fact, in its “IT Threat Evolution Q3 2012”, Kaspersky lists two Apple products on that list: QuickTime and iTunes, both of which have multiple vulnerabilities.

Kaspersky Top 10

The list is compiled from all of Kaspersky customers’ machine from Q3 2012. There were 30,749,066 vulnerabilities detected in total, with an average of about 8 per machine.

Oracle and Adobe clearly have some issues to hammer out; Adobe products occupy half the list, and Oracle’s Java takes up the top two spots.