This Windows 10 Update Has Gamers Fuming Over Crippled Frame Rates And BSODs

microsoft patch tuesday update ruins gaming experience
Earlier today, we reported on DNS issues with the latest Patch Tuesday update (KB5001330 and 1337), and the Windows 10 pain train does not seem to be slowing down. Users are now reporting a variety of gaming-related issues such as unstable frame rates and game stutters. 

Earlier this week, Reddit user /u/m4dden posted to the Windows 10 subreddit that he was facing numerous issues while trying to play games. These included stuttering, unstable FPS, broken VSync, and FPS drops when sharing games in Discord calls with screen share. After he uninstalled the new patch, the issues seemed to all disappear, making Windows 10 the culprit.

reddit microsoft patch tuesday update ruins gaming experience

There are 72 comments on the post at the time of writing, and many of them agree that the latest Windows update is to blame for the issues at hand. Furthermore, besides the gaming issues, there are reports of BSODs and PC freezing, preventing people from getting any work or play done.

Overall, the prevailing solution to this problem for users is to uninstall and avoid the relevant Windows patches. Given the massive install base of Windows 10 and the endless variety of software and hardware configuration available, issue like this are bound to arise. Moreover, user might be wise to avoid installing updates and disable automatic updates until patches are verified as being stable. In any case, let us know if you were affected by Patch Tuesday glitches in the comments below.