Microsoft Makes PC Gaming Acquisition Play On Obsidian And InXile Dev Teams

Gamers haven't liked that Microsoft has seemed to turn a cold shoulder on the PC gamers out there in favor of developing games on the Xbox consoles in recent years. Microsoft has been trying to alleviate those concerns with talks of renewing its commitment to PC gaming for years, but nothing has ever come of that promise. Things are changing with Microsoft now announcing that it has purchased a pair of PC-centric game development studios that focus heavily on RPG games: Obsidian and InXile.

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Microsoft's acquisition announcement is not only good news for PC gamers in general, but for fans of Obsidian and InXile as both devs have been cash-strapped to the point of turning to Kickstarter for game funding. Obsidian has some notable PC games to its credit including Fallout: New Vegas, Pillars of Eternity, Alpha Protocol, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II. You can count on both of these dev studios working on console games in addition to PC titles, but the upside for PC gamers here is that both Obsidian and InXile are primarily PC developers.

Having developers in-house that can build for both the PC and console will dovetail very nicely with Microsoft's promise to bring Xbox Game Pass to the PC. PC gamers may feel a bit of concern as both Obsidian and InXile are also known to have built games that were plagued by delays and bugs at launch; perhaps this issue can be remedied with enough funding from Microsoft to allow the developers to work on the games rather than raising funds. While Microsoft has confirmed the purchase of both of these studios, there is no indication of what games the studios might be working on at this point. One oddity about this acquisition is that early in the lifecycle of the Xbox One, Microsoft canceled a game that Obsidian was working on for the console.