Minecraft Petition Already Has Over 180K Signatures, What Gamers Are Demanding

microsoft mojang mob vote petition drawing attention to lacking minecraft updates
Every year, Mojang and Microsoft host Minecraft Live, a livestream dedicated to news and updates from Minecraft and Minecraft: Legends as well as a peek into the future of Minecraft in general. This is also accompanied by the now controversial Mob Vote, where players can cast a ballot to help pick a new mob to be added to the voxel-survival game. While all the options for the vote are out now, players are taking issue with the system, calling it broken and damaging.

This year, the Minecraft Mob Vote consists of three options: the penguin, the armadillo, and the crab. Starting with the latter, the crab makes its home in the mangrove swamp and is armed, or shall we say clawed, with one giant crab claw that players can collect and use to place blocks further away when building. The armadillo finds itself in the savannah biome, acting like its real-world counterpart and rolling into a block-ball if frightened. This little guy can drop materials used to make wolf armor to harden your canine friend like barding for horses. Finally, the penguin waddles and swims around the stony shores biome, making friends wherever it goes. As for what it can do, rather than crafting anything with a drop, the penguin can help players’ boats travel faster.

mobs microsoft mojang mob vote petition drawing attention to lacking minecraft updates

While all these mobs sound pretty cool, the problem lies with the vote in general, as players will ultimately only ever receive one of them. As such, a petition has been started to try and get Mojang to axe the Mob Vote and focus on adding fantastic content like all the mobs they suggest. The petition’s creator, Holly Mavermorne, notes, "The Mob Vote generates engagement by tearing the community apart, leaving fantastic ideas on the cutting room floor, and teasing content that will never be seen in the game.” 

Therefore, players want those three mobs to be put into the game regardless of the vote. This ties in with a general desire among the playerbase to receive more content updates than the game has been getting, especially in light of megacorporation Microsoft's ownership of Mojang and the Minecraft brand.

petition microsoft mojang mob vote petition drawing attention to lacking minecraft updates

Whether or not the financial considerations are wholly accurate, it seems a significant number of people agree. As of writing, the petition, which was started on October 6th, has amassed 180,000 signatures and has steadily been climbing as more people come across it. With this kind of movement in a community like this, it ought to force Mojang to respond in some way in the coming days. Therefore, perhaps we will see some sort of announcement made at Minecraft Live on October 15th, so keep an eye out for that or updates here on HotHardware.