Microsoft Making DirectX 12 Official With Windows 10

It looks like Microsoft is really hoping to entice people over to Windows 10 considering that Windows 8 has failed to take off. With its latest announcement that DirectX 12 will be included with Windows 10, Microsoft is targeting game developers and gamers.

On its DirectX developer blog, Microsoft revealed additional incentives for game developers who would join its Windows Insider program. Those who sign up and are accepted, will receive everything they might need to help jumpstart their DirectX 12 development. This includes updated runtime, API headers, samples, drivers, and documentations.

Microsoft also revealed that it has worked with Epic Games so that Unreal Engine 4.4 will support DX12. The collaboration has led to the creation of a DX12 branch on UE4’s GitHub repository that will support UE 4.4. Those who subscribe to Unreal Engine 4 will receive, and are part of Microsoft’s Early Access program, will receive source access for the DX 12 port of UE 4.4.

Similar to AMD’s own Mantle API, DX12 will give developers further access into hardware to help improve performance.

Are you looking forward to DirectX 12 and Windows 10? Or are you rooting for AMD’s Mantle to make more headway?