Microsoft Makes Windows 10 Insider Preview 15019 Official With Game Mode And Beam Streaming

Microsoft has just released a brand-new Insider Preview build for Windows 10, and if you've been anxious to give the new 'Game Mode' a test, it's now available. However, it's important to mention right from the get-go that this particular build ironically breaks many "popular" games, so if you're worried about being stuck without your favorite game, it'd be wise to hold off on the update.

Since this build both adds Game Mode and introduces a major bug for modern games, no one could blame you if you thought that the two were related. According to Microsoft, that's not so. It's just an unfortunate coincidence. In fact, the company deliberated on whether or not to actually release the build, but decided it was important to get testing done on features other than Game Mode. Fair enough.

With Build 15019, users will be introduced to Beam, a software solution that lets the user stream their gameplay right on Xbox Live. It's not clear at this point if that's the only gaming service offered, but it's the only one focused in the screenshot below:

Game Bar Beam

Reflective of these new gaming features, a new option simply called "Gaming" can now be found under Windows 10's main Settings screen:

Settings Xbox

This section will be your one-stop shop for all things Microsoft-specific gaming; it's where you'll find both Game Mode (which is a toggle), and also Game DVR. Speaking of Game Mode, here's its options screen in the digital flesh:

Game Mode

Game Mode, at least for now, is going to work on a per-game basis, and will need to be activated once inside of a title. Microsoft says that all UWP and Win32 games are going to be supported, although whether or not Game Mode will actually help your performance is yet to be seen. Fortunately, if Game Mode does disagree with one of your games for some reason, you can easily turn the optimization off.

Outside of gaming features, Build 15019 also adds a "read aloud" feature in Edge, vastly improved emojis, and overhauls the Windows 10 OOBE (out-of-box experience), allowing users to easily customize their privacy and security settings both before first hitting the desktop, and after.

If you're a Insider Preview tester on the Fast ring, and don't mind running the risk of broken games, you should be able to update immediately.