Microsoft Makes A Video Move

Google sure got a lot of publicity by buying YouTube. And YouTube sure is a lot of fun. Well as usual, the big software company in Redmond Washington isn't sitting on its hands, and has made its own video search engine agreement. Microsoft has inked a deal with Blinkx to drive traffic from its MSN and Live customers to Blinkx. And Blinkx thinks that a TV like interface married to a powerful internet search engine is the wave of the future:

On Monday, Blinkx will announce potentially one of its biggest deals to date, with Microsoft, which has agreed to use Blinkx technology to power the video search on some parts of its MSN Internet sites and "We will be the single biggest video search engine on the Web," Suranga Chandratillake, Blinkx co-founder and chief technology officer, said in an interview. Blinkx already powers video search on sites ranging from AOL to ITN, Lycos and Times Online. It also indexes video from the likes of BCC, Fox, MTV, Sky News, Reuters and YouTube and makes and makes videos on those sites searchable on Blinkx or partner sites.

Since the Blinkx search engine does not actually have the source material on its servers, Blinkx doesn't need two things GooTube does: A big building full of servers for all the content, and an even bigger building full of lawyers to defend against copyright infringement lawsuits.

Read the whole thing here.