Microsoft Launches Windows Phone Online Training Emulator To Lure In New Users

Statistically speaking, there aren't a whole lot of smartphone owners rocking Microsoft's Windows Phone platform, at least compared to Android and iOS, the two of which collectively account for around nine out of 10 handsets. Presuming a fear of the unknown is preventing some users from hopping on the Windows Phone train, Microsoft has posted an online tutorial of its mobile platform so you can essentially try before you buy.

The timing of Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 tutorial comes as the company enters a restructuring mode that will see 18,000 layoffs, including around 12,500 pink slips in its Nokia devices and services division that it recently acquired. Microsoft is realigning its focus, and in the mobile space, it's moving away from its short stint with Android and going all-in with Windows Phone.

Windows Phone Emulator

When we first visited the training site, we received a message telling us to "Please return to landscape mode," an odd request considering we were using a notebook PC that was definitely in landscape mode already. However, you'll see that message if your browser window isn't wide enough to accommodate all the tools and videos.

Once you widen your browser, you'll see a Windows Phone in the middle of the screen and a dozen icons on the left-hand side. Each icon opens up several sub-categories, and clicking on each of those will bring up a video demonstrating the action. For example, if you click on the Chat icon (second one from the top), it opens up the following categories:
  • Chat and text easily
  • See all my emails in one place
  • Get connected in one place
  • See what's going on

Click on any of them to see the action performed. It's a pretty neat way to introduce users to the Windows Phone 8.1 experience, and if you want to check it out for yourself, just click here.