Microsoft Kicks Out New Driver To Enhance Surface 3 Mass Deployments

Just over a month following its official unveil, Microsoft's Surface 3 is already a belle of the tablet ball as far as business is concerned, running Windows 8.1 and offering easy IT integration and robust Enterprise-class security. And with the company's release yesterday of a new driver update designed to bring the process of Surface 3 mass system deployment in line with that of the larger and faster (and more expensive) Surface Pro 3, the attraction is set to grow deeper. 


According to a Microsoft blog post, "The update – which is available now -- improves the mass deployment process, broadens the range of enterprise-level features, and helps bring the Surface 3 deployment experience in line with its more business-oriented sibling, Surface Pro 3. The update includes new and enhanced features including those expected in a larger-scale commercial environment such as enhanced PXE booting and support for asset tagging."

Predominantly thought to be targeted at general consumer and the education markets, the move by Microsoft to outfit the Surface 3 for Enterprise-level deployment is sure to cause procurement and IT heads to turn in the direction of the device.

Though many will no doubt lean on Surface 3 as their primary work system, its spec sheet (Atom processor, smallish hard drive) and form factor (10.8 inch screen) serve more to make it a strong alternative to Apple's iPad, one that now offers companies the ease of management and deployment via familiar Windows tools. Thus, with the introduction of the new unnamed driver, it is easy to see Microsoft targeting mobile process workers with the device (delivery and repair personnel, municipal data gatherers, and the like).

Microsoft won't be delivering the new driver via Windows Update, and as such companies looking to draw benefit for their deployed fleet of Surface 3 machines will need to download it.