Microsoft Gooses Up Bing Search Results For Chrome And Firefox, Pushing Users To Edge

Microsoft released its latest OS, Windows 10, about five weeks ago, and while there were some definite launch niggles, it seems as a whole, it's been well-received. Well, if we can ignore the fact that it captures quite a bit of information on you by default, that is.

One of the most ambitious parts of Windows 10 is Microsoft's Internet Explorer replacement, called Edge. It was touted as being the best browser Microsoft's ever created - fast, secure, and feature-rich. Admittedly, it does bring a couple of cool features to the table, such as being able to take notes inside of a webpage. But, we knew the challenge of getting people to move over from their preferred browser was going to be intense, and as it seems so far, Microsoft isn't happy with the amount of people who waste no time abandoning it.

As revealed by VentureBeat, Microsoft's begun encouraging people to stick with Edge if they search through Bing for either Google's Chrome or Mozilla's Firefox. The message is simple, but it looks important: "Microsoft recommends Microsoft Edge for Windows 10."

Microsoft Edge Browser

At the current time, it seems that this message is limited to the US. Loading up the same search in Canada, there was no message, but as soon as I routed by connection through a US-based proxy server, it popped up on a page refresh. Given the tremendous hassles Microsoft's dealt with overseas, it's of little surprise that this mechanic is being kept to the US for the time-being.

I am a firm believer that if Microsoft creates software, it should be allowed to promote its other software within (with methods like these; not advertising). An OS is a one-stop-shop for the most part; it will include most of the software you'll need to do regular computer work. That includes a browser. But, Microsoft's message could be misconstrued; regular folk might interpret it as meaning that Firefox and Chrome are simply not as good for Windows 10 as Edge is, thus causing them to stick with it. It could be an effective tactic, something that's surely going to take a few months to find out.