Microsoft Officially Extends Chromium Edge Preview Availability to macOS

Earlier this month, links to the Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev Channels for macOS leaked early. The spread of the Chromium-based Edge browser to macOS came months after the browser was first released for Windows 10. However, that early leak for macOS wasn't officially supported by Microsoft... until now.

Microsoft today officially announced the public availability of Edge for macOS vis the Canary Channel. For those that are not up-to-date on Chromium channels, Canary builds are pushed daily and will likely be full of bugs. The Dev Channel is updated weekly and is generally more stable. Then there's the Beta Channel, which offers the most stable experience for early testers.

microsoft edge macos

"Microsoft Edge for macOS will offer the same new browsing experience that we’re previewing on Windows, with user experience optimizations to make it feel at home on a Mac," explains the Redmond, Washington-based software giant. "We are tailoring the overall look and feel to match what macOS users expect from apps on this platform.

"We are committed to building a world class browser with Microsoft Edge through differentiated user experience features and connected services."

This version of Microsoft Edge has of course been specially tailored for macOS with menus, fonts, and keyboard shortcuts of course meshing perfectly with the operating system. In addition, Microsoft is leveraging OS-specific touchpad gestures and is taking advantage of MacBook Pros equipped with the controversial Touch Bar interface.

"With our new Chromium foundation, you can expect a consistent rendering experience across the Windows and macOS versions of Microsoft Edge, as well as the same powerful developer tools you’ll find on Windows," Microsoft adds.

You can download the Microsoft Edge Canary build for macOS by clicking the following link.