Microsoft Ends Sales Of Original Xbox One, Now An Ex-Box

Microsoft is looking ahead to its Xbox One X console that will deliver true 4K game play and is ready to move on from its original Xbox One system. In fact, it already has, for the most part. A peek at the Microsoft Store shows that Microsoft is no longer selling the original Xbox One in the United States, save for a refurbished unit with a 500GB hard drive. Otherwise, there are no other listings.

Xbox One

In the United Kingdom, the landing page for the Xbox One shows it as being "out of stock." That is probably a permanent thing, considering that Microsoft discontinued production of the Xbox One a few months ago. With no more units being made and the Microsoft Store depleted of stock, it appears that Microsoft has officially abandoned the original Xbox One. The same will eventually happen to Microsoft's partner retailers once they run out of stock, too.

This does not mean you have to shell out $500 for an Xbox One X, even if you do not own a 4K television. That would be a crummy proposition. Instead, there is still the Xbox One S to choose from. The Xbox One S is virtually the same as the original Xbox One, but in a slimmer profile with slightly revised hardware. There are plenty of those to be found on Microsoft's website, including some nifty bundle deals. Here are some of them:
There are several others to choose from, starting at $249 for bundled Xbox One S consoles with 500GB of storage. Microsoft is also accepting pre-orders for an Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition (1TB) bundle for $399, which includes a themed console and controller.

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

Meanwhile, the Xbox One X is off to a fast start. Microsoft has sold out of its initial batch, which it sold as Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition consoles with special branding (just as there as an Xbox One Day One Edition when the original Xbox One launched). Not only did Microsoft sell all available units, the company claims it processed more pre-orders in the first five days of availability than any Xbox system ever.

The Xbox One X is a mighty system featuring eight custom AMD x86 CPU cores clocked at 2.3GHz with 4MB of L2 cache, 40 custom AMD Radeon GPU compute units running at 1,172MHz (6 TFLOPs of GPU compute power), and 12GB of GDDR5 memory over a 384-bit interface with a maximum memory bandwidth of 326GB/sec.