Microsoft Edge Is Getting A Games Panel, Here’s What It Does And How It Looks

Microsoft Solitaire Collection on the latest Microsoft Edge Canary browser
Microsoft has always been eager to keep users on its own browser instead of competitors’. Even after switching to Chromium-based Edge, the software giant still cannot maintain a lead in the browser war. A new panel found in the beta version of Microsoft Edge may help. The browser is getting a Games Panel, and we have a sneak peek at it.

The panel is only available for a limited number of users right now. Redditor Leopeva64 posted a series of pictures of the new feature. It is turned off by default, and only appears in the latest version of Edge Canary. To enable the Games Panel, you need to find it in Settings > Appearance > Games button.

The Games button on Edge is disabled by default

Once you do that, you will see a Games button on the omnibar, right next to the address bar. If you click that button, you will see a collection of HTML5 games. They are divided into categories including Arcade, Microsoft Classics, Board & Card, Puzzle, Sports, Casual, Match 3, and more.

Just a few of the titles available in the Microsoft Edge Games Panel

Within each category, you'll find the usual Microsoft games. You can choose from Solitaire, Sudoku, Minesweeper, Mahjong, and more. Other categories offer tower defense titles, Table Tennis World Tour, fishing games, darts and archery, and more.

These games don't require any downloads. They are HTML5 games, so you play them right in the browser without taking up any extra disk space. The only catch is you do need to be connected to the Internet for them to work.

The feature is in its testing phase, so whether or not the games panel will make its way to the stable version of Microsoft Edge is up in the air. Right now, you have to be a Microsoft Insider running the latest build of Edge Canary to use the feature.