Microsoft Developing Dedicated Game Mode For Windows 10 To Boost GPU And CPU Performance

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When it comes to gaming, the PC is the undisputed leader. While consoles like the Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 Pro pack in quite a bit of power to fuel casual gamers, nothing tops the sheer power available with PC systems (let’s see your PS4 take on a Core i7 with a GeForce GTX 1080). And as we reported over the weekend, PC gaming generated nearly $36 billion in revenue during 2016 compared to just $6.6 billion for console gaming.

While PCs far and away have the hardware advantage compared to consoles, Microsoft is taking steps to extend the software lead as well. In addition to features like Game Broadcasting, Game DVR and of course DirectX12, Microsoft is reportedly developing a new “Game Mode” which will prioritize resources so that your favorite first-person shooter or adventure title gets every spare bit of hardware resources to improve performance.

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Twitter user WalkingCat first discovered gamemode.dll, and indicates that it will “adjust its resource allocation logic” so that your processors and graphics cards are unfettered by unnecessary background processors when you’re attempting to snipe newbs from a clock tower. In other words, anything that has the potential to hamper your frame rates or tank your ping times will be switched to a much lower priority.

How this will translate to real world performance remains to be seen, but we have the feeling that PC enthusiasts will take any boost they can get if it means that they gain a leg up on the competition.

Windows 10 Game Mode was found lurking in Build 14997, which was leaked earlier this week. This is not an official public Insider Preview release of Windows 10, so we’d suggest that even the most ardent enthusiasts stay away from it. It should also be pointed out that Game Mode isn’t even fully functional at this point, so you might want to wait until Microsoft restarts its Insider Preview releases at the beginning of the year.