Microsoft Confirms Xbox Project Scorpio Unveil At E3 In June

Xbox Scorpio

Xbox Project Scorpio's hype train has been moving at a good clips for months, but we suspect that it's about to kick into a higher gear. In a new blog post, Xbox chief Phil Spencer reveals that the console's full unveiling will take place at the upcoming E3 expo, just a mere two months from now.

Spencer reiterates some of Microsoft's recent moves to help developers produce content for both the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. At Game Developers Conference last month, the company announced its new "Xbox Live Creators" program, which allows anyone to turn their regular Xbox One console into a lighter version of the full developer kit, removing some longstanding roadblocks in the process.

Xbox One Scorpio Developer Kit
Xbox Scorpio Developer Kit

So what can we expect from Project Scorpio? With its 6 TFLOPS of graphics throughput, Spencer tell us that Scorpio will be the "first true 4K console". While Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro also boasts 4K support, it will fall short of Scorpio's 6 TFLOPS peak performance, with its 4.2 TFLOPS. On the PC side, we wouldn't utter the words "true 4K" for anything less than a 10 TFLOPS GPU, but console developers have proven before to eke an incredible amount of performance out more modest hardware, specifically tuned for their platform; we could indeed see some great 4K gaming on this boxy Microsoft beast.

General Scorpio specs have been for a while, but what's still up-in-the-air is the console's pricing and some of its key features beyond just its horsepower. Could Microsoft hit $499 with Scorpio? With the console's power, it's hard to say, but at the same time, would Microsoft still has to compete with Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

Two months for an announcement is suddenly starting to feel too far away.