Microsoft Confirms July 29 Release Date For Windows 10

Hot on the heels of Newegg leaking a supposed release date and pricing of Windows 10 comes Microsoft to give us more accurate information. Well, at least more accurate information on the release date front. As it turns out, Newegg was completely wrong with its August 31 release date, whereas AMD's Lisa Su has been proven correct. Windows 10 will become available in two months time; July 31, to be exact.

With the release now right around the corner, Microsoft has begun issuing prompts in Windows installations that allow people to claim their free upgrade in advance of launch. A number of my friends have noted that they've received these prompts, including those in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Windows 10 Upgrade Prompt

Given this mechanic, it seems like Microsoft is not going to offer the free copy for a given product key unless the OS is installed using it. That could mean that those who have extra keys kicking around are not going to be able to easily convert them into Windows 10 keys unless the OS is quickly installed, activated, and then upgraded through this prompt.

While any HotHardware reader is going to be well-informed on what Windows 10 brings to the table (we covered it over 20 times last month alone!), the regular consumer might not even know that the OS is on its way. So, to inform everyone, Microsoft has prepared a quick features video that highlights its best features.

It seems likely that Microsoft is going to soon kick off advertising campaigns to get the Windows 10 name in front of as many people as possible, and as soon as possible. Two months is not a long time when it comes to major software releases, so Microsoft is going to be incredibly busy between now and then.