Newegg Leaks Windows 10 Home, Professional OEM Pricing

Despite the wealth of information that's come out of Microsoft these past few months on its upcoming Windows 10, it's remained tight-lipped with regards to two things most people want to know: what it will cost, and when it will be released?

For that reason, I'm sure it's none-too-thrilled that etailer Newegg took it upon itself to give both bits of information to the world.

Newegg Windows 10 Pricing

At $109.99 for Home and $149.99 for Professional, these OEM (one PC) versions are $10 more than their Windows 8.1 predecessors. But, given the fact that Windows 10 is free for the first year to owners of legal copies of Windows 7 or 8, it's the release date that's going to strike most people as more interesting.

That release date is, if Newegg can be believed, August 31. Being a Monday, that might seem a little odd, but it helps to look back at previous releases, where there's been little rhyme or reason with the dates (they're not always at the end of the month.) Vista was released on a Tuesday, 7 on a Thursday, and 8 on a Friday. It's not too hard to believe that Microsoft could also release on a Monday.

What does make this interesting, though, is the fact that AMD's Lisa Su would have been entirely wrong with her comments during an AMD financial call in April. Either she was misinformed, Microsoft decided to push the date back, or Newegg has the date wrong. We'll have to wait and see.