AMD CEO Lisa Su Let Slip That Windows 10 Will Launch In July

Sometimes, you just have to wonder if accidental leaks are not so "accidental", as they can drum up a lot of attention. Take, for example, AMD's Lisa Su, who let it loose during a financial call last week that Windows 10 is expected to release at the end of the July. Her exact words were: "What we also are factoring in is, you know, with the Windows 10 launch at the end of July".

If you're interested in reading through a transcript of the entire call, you can head here. If Su is correct, and at this point there seems to be no reason not to believe it given we had summer as a launch target anyway, that means we're only about three months out from the final release.

Project Spartan HotHardware Edits

Given the somewhat sporadic release cycle of the Windows 10 preview builds since January, it's hard to guess how many more builds we'll see before the official launch. In January, we were treated to 9926, which was the most substantial overhaul to the public builds, and that was followed up with 10041 in March. Then, a mere 10 or so days later, Microsoft released 10049, which finally introduced the much-anticipated Spartan Web browser.

If I had to guess, I think we'll get one more substantial preview build, released within the next few weeks, that takes care of many long-standing issues and rolls out some updated features, and from that point on, it will mostly be about bug-squashing rather than feature rollouts. We'll probably even see multiple preview builds released in July, if that is in fact the anticipated launch window. Or, I could be completely wrong. Either way, the Windows 10 hype only continues to grow.