Microsoft Buffs-Out Cortana’s Geek-Sexy With Pictures And Fluent Klingon

Microsoft has been updating and improving on Cortana, its personal assistant for the Windows Phone and a popular character from the Halo franchise, since it was rolled out. Microsoft’s response to Apple’s personal assistant Siri has continued to improve and expand with Bing integration and Cortana being brought to Nokia phones. Now, Microsoft is giving its personal assistant the ability to speak Klingon and use pictures.

Windows Phone users who ask Cortana questions about Halo, where it is an artificial intelligence that helps the franchise’s protagonist Master Chief, or other topics will receive a response and now a picture. For example, if you ask Cortana about Halo, it will reply, “Halo is the story of a very clever AI who saves the galaxy with the help of her strong-but-silent sidekick” with a picture included. 

Image Source: Imgur (CyberKnight1)

As for Cortana’s new ability to speak Klingon, the feature was announced at the Destination Star Trek convention in London, which Microsoft helped sponsor. In addition to speaking Klingonese, Cortana will also respond to famous Star Trek phrases such as “beam me up” and “set phasers to stun.”

What do you think of these new features and do you think Microsoft will, at some point, have Cortana sing Klingon opera?