Microsoft Adds "Report Abuse" Feature To UK Messaging Services

In a somewhat controversial move, Microsoft will be including a new feature in its messaging services which will allow users to contact police with just a few clicks of the mouse. If you're a resident of the United Kingdom, the new "Report Abuse" icon will appear on your Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger, which when clicked will take you directly to a site that will help you get in contact with Police. The new feature has been created with the help of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection(CEOP) Centre, in an effort to help curb inappropriate online sexual conduct.

"Behind the Report Abuse button will sit police and intelligence officers who have been specially trained to tackle child sex abuse," Jim Gamble, chief executive of the CEOP Centre, said in a statement issued Monday. "We will tell you how to capture information and how to seize online discussions and then proactively do all we can to track down the perpetrator. Users outside the United Kingdom can make reports, too, directed to law enforcement officials in the United States, Australia, Canada or Interpol, the statement said.