Micron RealSSD P320h PCI Express SSD Review

Most of the PCIe SSD cards on the market today, with the exception of products from Fusion-io, still rely on SATA or SAS-based NAND controllers to interface on the backend of the device to the NAND array. PCIe cards from OCZ, Intel, LSI and others use controllers from LSI SandForce or the like.  Fusion-io was the first company to introduce a true native PCI Express to NAND processor employed in their products, though Micron has also been cooking up their own native PCIe SSD technology for some time now.

Today we're looking at the Micron P320h, a PCI Express SSD that was introduced to the market well over a year ago and has actually been shipping to OEM customers for some time, but is just now hitting the market for general availability.  Micron partnered with IDT, a veteran semiconductor manufacturer out of San Jose that specializes in high speed serial switching and memory interface technology.  A match made in high bandwidth heaven, between a bellwether memory giant and a cutting-edge high speed logic manufacturer?  Perhaps.  Read on as we find out.