Micron and Intel Goose Flash Memory

Solid-state memory is the future. Micron and Intel, working together, have brought us closer to that future with the announcement of  a new flash  memory architecture that more than doubles both read and write speeds for solid-state memory devices.

IM Flash Technologies, a joint venture between Intel and Micron, has developed an 8G-bit SLC (single-level cell) high-speed NAND chip which can reach read speeds up to 200M bytes per second and write speeds of up to 100M bytes per second, which could mean faster data transfer between devices like solid-state drives and video cards.

"With the popularity of digital video cameras and video-on-demand services, high speed NAND can enable a high-definition movie to be transferred five times faster than conventional NAND," said Kirstin Bordner, a spokeswoman for Micron.

Conventional NAND flash memory from Micron and other players currently transfer data at read rates of 40M bytes per second, with write rates of about 20M bytes per second.

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