Meta Quest 3 V64 Update: Better Passthrough, New Lying Down Mode And More

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Meta Quest 3 owners will be getting several improvements with the v64 software update the company is currently rolling out. The update includes better passthrough, external mic support and other quality of life features. Owners of the headset can expect to see the update over the next few weeks, as it gradually makes its way to the entirety of the user base.

The most significant upgrade will come to the headset’s passthrough feature. Meta says that passthrough will now have “higher-fidelity than before, and be better at adjusting color, exposure, contrast, and dynamic range to match your real-world surroundings.” This is surely a response to all the praise the Apple Vision Pro is receiving from critics and users alike in regard to its passthrough capabilities.

External mic support is also making its way to the Quest 3. Users can utilize the onboard USC-C port to connect their mic of choice. In order to use this feature, users will need to navigate to the Experimental Settings tab where it can be enabled.

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Lying Down mode, which first made its way to the Quest 2 in its v63 update, will now be available to Quest 3 users in v64 as well. As the name suggests, this feature will make it easier for users to keep gaming or watching content while laying down. It’s odd that the Quest 2 got this before the Quest 3, but it’s good to see Quest 3 owners won’t be missing out anymore.

Last, but certainly not least, is Continuous Casting. The headset will no longer stop casting a session if the user takes it off. Making it easier to take a quick break without needing to stop casting. However, users must remain mindful when taking breaks if this feature is enabled, otherwise the battery will drain completely.

While the hype around the Apple Vision Pro has quelled recently, it’s obviously influencing the VR marketplace. As this new update is clearly addressing some of the buzz around Apple’s headset. Hopefully, the competition keeps up and the Quest 3 is continually improved.