Meta Opens VR OS As War With Apple Escalates, Enlists Xbox, ASUS And Lenovo

meta horizon hero
Meta is making a big move in the VR space by officially making its operating system, Meta Horizon OS, available for use by third-party hardware manufacturers. The company says that it’s all in on making the VR ecosystem as open as possible and this is the best way forward to bring mixed reality technology to more potential users. Developers will also win by ensuring their software will have a variety of hardware to run on.

Third-party devices that choose to run Meta Horizon OS will have access to features already available on Meta’s Quest headsets. The Meta Quest Store will be renamed to the Meta Horizon Store, opening the door to the vast selection of games and apps available in the store. The companion app that Meta Quest owners use for social features will be renamed to the Meta Horizon app, will also be available.

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There are already several hardware manufacturers that are on board for making headsets that will utilize Meta Horizon OS. ASUS’s Republic of Gamers will be working on a new “performance gaming headset.” Lenovo will look to tap into its experience in co-designing the Oculus Rift S to make its own headset for learning, entertainment, and productivity. Even Xbox is jumping into the fray, with Microsoft planning to deliver a limited-edition Meta Quest with Xbox design touches.

Meta will also be working on opening up its app ecosystem. The company says that it’s “beginning the process of removing the barriers between the Meta Horizon Store and App Lab, which lets any developer who meets basic technical and content requirements release software on the platform.” Moreover, Meta will be working on what it refers to as a “spatial app framework” that will enable mobile developers to bring their apps to Meta Horizon OS.

Moves such as this one is what VR needs to truly flourish. More devices at different price points and a vibrant software catalog is what will move the needle, not extremely high-end hardware like the Apple Vision Pro.