Memory 'Buy' The Numbers, MSI K8N Neo Platinum, and more!

Hey folks, here's your monday fix :) I've got some news for all you gamers out there... Half-Life 2: Aftermath is rumored to be released in September. Also, Quake 4 is aiming for a fall/winter release date, so it looks like the end of the year will again be a treat to us Source and Doom 3 engine fans. Personally I'm looking equally forward to both of them... well, maybe Quake 4 a little more than the HL2 expansion.

MSI K8N Neo Platinum Motherboard Review @ CoolTechZone

"After taking a look at seven socket 754 boards late last month, we have established the fact that the 754 platform is the budget system to be had. Though its life span is limited to the point where AMD will stop the production of its current 754 microprocessors, and replace it with 64-bit Sempron chips, it still doesn't change the platform's value in the market. Throughout those seven evaluations, we saw revised chipsets, observed new board layouts and noticed extreme performance differences from one board to another."

Memory 'Buy' The Numbers @ Big Bruin

"In this article I will start with the basics of how computer memory works (don't worry you won't need to be an electrical engineer to understand it), what kinds of computer memory is available, and some general recommendations on how much you should need. While I can't possibly go over all possible scenarios and types of memory out there, by the time you have read this article you should hopefully be able to fill in the gaps, and make decisions on your own."

Bursting the Athlon 64 Memory bandwidth bubble @ Madshrimps

"Do you need high speed memory to have the fastest A64 on the block? We don´t think so, we think having memory faster then PC3200 is overkill and does not improve real world performance one bit. We put our money where our mouth is and prove that Gamers don't need
expensive memory to enjoy fast Athlon 64 performance."

Gigabyte GV-RX85X256V-B (RADEON X850 XT Platinum Edition) @ Hardware Zone

"Blessed with the fastest graphics processor now - the ATI RADEON X850 XT Platinum Edition, our initial impression of the Gigabyte GV-RX85X256V-B was that it looked like an exact replica of ATI's reference design. Find out whether our thoughts were right and what else you get in the package."

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