AMD Native Quad-Core Barcelona Opteron Launched

AMD has officially taken the wraps off their new series of Opteron processors today and have released their first native quad-core processor to the wild.  Welcome to the jungle Barcelona. 


We cover specific architecture details, processor model numbering, speeds and feeds of the new Barcelona core Opertons and even offer a glimpse of what's on the horizon with AMD’s Shanghai and Sandtiger cores.  Here's a snip from the piece...


"In a move reminiscent of their campaign from long ago to debunk the "megahertz myth" with processor performance rating-type model numbers, AMD is announcing a new power consumption metric called "ACP" or "Average CPU Power".  AMD claims historically that they took a much more conservative approach with providing measurements for traditional TDP (Thermal Design Power) ratings, opting to list worst case, maximum numbers versus Intel's average or "typical" rating guidelines.  As a result, AMD's processor architecture, at least on paper, appeared significantly more power hungry than it was in practice."

You can read the rest right here.