Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Gameplay: You Know You Want To Fight As Deadpool

Gamers never really like it when games are exclusive to a specific console. Juggling multiple systems is not only cost prohibitive to many, but it's a tedious task. One of the most appealing new exclusive titles that is coming to the Nintendo Switch is Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order.

marvel ultimate alliance 3

The game is set to launch in July, and at E3 2019, Nintendo has been heavily talking up the game. A huge amount of information about the game has been offered at E3 with videos spanning over an hour. The videos show gameplay and have commentary from one of the game's writers along with comments from members of Marvel Games.

The game walkthroughs touch on the roster that players can choose characters from, combat elements, and the RPG elements of the game. One of the videos shows players at the Xavier Institute and offers details of the local multiplayer play and combat. This video also gives a good look at the number of characters in the game to choose from.

The second video is more focused on RPG elements that are part of the game including character stats and abilities, team composition, and more. Other recent news for Nintendo Switch fans includes the new Hori controllers that replace the Joy-Cons that was revealed this week. No E3 announcements of new Switch hardware have been made; some early rumors had pointed to a lower cost Switch debuting at the show. However, Nintendo's CEO had crushed rumors of new hardware in April, so it's no real surprise the show is focused on games.