Hori Replaces Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons With Larger And More Ergonomic Controllers

hori nintendo switch
Controllers for game consoles or PCs are sort of like shoes in that one type or size doesn't fit everyone. Some folks are perfectly content to game away on their Switch using the Joy-Con controllers that came with the console. Others want to throw those Joy-Cons into the trash the second the console comes out of the box. 

One of the many companies out there who make aftermarket game controllers is a Japanese company called Hori. Hori's latest product for the Switch is marketed for use with the game Daemon X Machina and is called the Grip Controller. The controllers look like a full-size controller that has been cut in half. The left side controller has a D-pad, a thumb stick, and a couple of other buttons on it.

hori switch controll front

The right side has X, Y, A, and B buttons on it along with another thumbstick. An extra button on the back of each controller can be programmed to whatever button you want according to Hori.

The Grip Controller does have caveats though; there is no HD rumble, NFC, gyro, or IR sensor. If those issues aren't a big deal for you, the Grip Controller will launch in September. Rumors had suggested that we might see a Switch Lite budget game console launch this month, but so far nothing has been announced. In April, the Switch received a big version 8 update that added in the long-requested save data transfer feature.