Making The EU Take Windows To The Opera

Opera software doesn't think it can compete with Microsoft in the European Union, and has filed an anti-trust suit with the European Commission. The EU has shown a willingness to listen to complaints about Microsoft in the past, levying an enormous fine and demanding Microsoft unbundle utilities like media players from their Windows Operating System.

Opera is asking the Commission, the executive branch of the European Union, to force Microsoft to unbundle IE from Windows, or include other browsers as a standard part of its operating system. It also wants it to require Microsoft to adhere to industry standards with its Web browser.

The issue of standards is seen as important because if all Web browsers do not use the same standards, Web site developers are likely to design their Web sites to work with the most widely-used browser, which is Internet Explorer. That gives people a disincentive to use other browsers.

Hey, I'm a "people," although not of the European variety. I have only one disincentive to use other browsers, really. I don't think they're as good as Internet Explorer. I gave up on Firefox three days ago, and went back to using the dreaded Explorer. Hey look, my text is formatted properly in my editor today.

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