Maingear's Innovative Zero Gaming PC With Virtually No Visible Cables Arrives But Hurry

Angled view of Maingear's Zero Limited Edition gaming PC.
Boutique builder Maingear is on a mission to clean up the PC as you know it. Sure, Maingear's cable management is already some of the best in the business—that's one of the things that typically separates a boutique outfit from a bulk OEM—but what it's pushing is a form factor change that places cable connectors on the rear of the motherboard. Part of that effort includes the newly-dropped Zero Limited gaming desktop.

Maingear isn't kidding around when it says this is a limited edition run—the company is only making 50 of these stunningly immaculate desktop PCs, noting that "gamers will need to act fast." That suggests Maingear anticipates it will sell out rather quickly.

Side view of Maingear's Zero Limited Edition gaming desktop on a blurred background.

What separates the Zero Limited Edition from a standard desktop is Maingear's patented MG-RC, or Maingear Rear Connection, specification. By relocating cable connection points to the backside of the motherboard, the boutique builder can hide virtually all of the cables. The only real exception is the power cable that plugs into the graphics card.

"The Maingear Zero drop showcases our commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming PC design and performance," said Wallace Santos, CEO at Maingear. "Zero represents an uncompromising balance of cutting-edge hardware, MG-RC cable management, and the ever-growing push for a clean and minimalist design."

MSI B760M Project Zero motherboard on a gray gradient background.

Maingear collaborated with MSI on the Zero, with MSI's B760M Project Zero motherboard at the heart of the desktop. The configuration also features MSI's MAG Pano M1000 PZ chassis in while, which along with the motherboard was designed to the MG-RC specification. The other MSI part is the power supply—an 850W MAG 850GL model.

Other specs include an Intel 14th Gen Core i7-14700K processor (Raptor Lake Refresh), GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Super graphics card, 32GB of TeamGroup T-Force Delta DDR5-6000 memory with RGB lighting, 2TB TeamGroup T-Force A44 Pro solid state drive (PCIe 4.0), Cooler Master's MasterLiquid 360L all-in-one liquid cooler, and Windows 11 Home.

Front view of Maingear's Zero Limited Edition gaming PC on a blurred background.

It's a potent setup that should provide years of gaming, content creation, and productivity relevance. Upgrades could be tricky if Maingear's Project Zero initiative doesn't gain ample traction in the years ahead, though that would really only apply if looking to overhaul the system with a new motherboard.

The Zero Limited Edition is available now for $2,499, and according to Maingear, "if history is any indication, they'll be gone FAST!"