Unique Low-Profile Cooler With Twin Fans Claims It Can Chill AMD And Intel CPUs Up To 265W

Jiushark Diamond JF13K hero
Chinese cooling specialist Jiushark, sometimes translated as Nine Sharks, has launched a new CPU top-down cooler. The Jiushark Diamond JF13K rather breaks the mold for such coolers, as it is like an expansive 240mm radiator strapped right on top of your CPU. Key features of this CPU cooler are dual 120mm fans, seven heatpipes, aRGB lighting, a substantial finned radiator, and the claimed ability to cope with CPUs up to 265W.

Top flow CPU coolers are often targeted at compact systems. Typically, SFF and HTPC builders will look at such designs due to severe restrictions in CPU cooler max height. It is true that the Jiushark Diamond JF13K is rather squat at 92mm in height. However, its 241 x 121mm length and breadth means PC DIYers will have to be careful with their measurements to make sure there is going to be room for this.

Jiushark Diamond JF13K white argb

According to first-party figures (add salt) the JF13K kept an Intel Core i9-11900K ticking at 85 degrees Celsius or lower, when the system was under load (CPU sucking 217W). Intel’s 11th Gen ‘Rocket Lake’ CPUs have a reputation for running toasty, so this seems to be good cooling performance. Images backing up this claim appear to show an open-air test bench system.

Jiushark’s cooling system, working from top-down, consists of twin 120mm slim (15mm thick) PWM RGB fans. These are attached to a contoured finned aluminum heatsink laced with seven heatpipes. Next in line is the nickel-plated copper heatsink which also has the heatpipes passing through it.

Jiushark Diamond JF13K installed

Jiushark claims that the finned heatsink is contoured so that there is clearance for motherboard furniture such as RAM sticks and the I/O shield. For example, the RAM clearance is a quite generous 59mm, and at the other side you have 50mm height clearance. Meanwhile, the twin fans blow through these overhang areas, helping keep RAM and other motherboard surface mount components cooler – by as much as 20 degrees Celsius according to the Chinese cooler maker.

The Jiushark Diamond JF13K features “push-down installation” and is compatible with Intel LGA 1700, 1200 and 115X as well as AMD AM2, AM4, and AM5 systems. There appears to be the choice of black or white (aRGB) finish options. Pricing in China is approximately equivalent to US$40.