LOLCats Is Practically Considered Working Now

What's everybody doing at work?  According to Patricia Wallace, a Johns Hopkins University professor and author of "The Internet in the Workplace: How New Technology Is Transforming Work," we're goofing off by looking at all sorts of things on the internet. How much are we slacking? About a fifth of our working time is spent engaging in personal activities. Seems low. 

A recent survey by online compensation firm showed about six out of 10 employees in the United States acknowledged wasting time at work.

About 34 percent listed personal Internet use as the leading time-wasting activity in the workplace. Employees said they did so because they were bored, worked too many hours, were underpaid or were unchallenged at work.

Firms all over the world are concerned about potentially harmful effects of surfing they deem to be inappropriate may have on their company's image. Many firms use computer software to monitor Web activity and block certain sites or servers.

I'm sorry, but 6 in 10 acknowledged wasting time at work, and the other 4 in 10 were lying. If you ever worked in an office before the internet was widely accessible, you'd know that people used to call in sick and come in late and abuse the phone to take care of personal business before. If anything, the internet has made our goofing off more efficient. Especially if you have a T1 line. Wasting time more efficiently. Is there anything the Internet can't do?
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