Logitech Frags At LIGHTSPEED With Wireless G603 Gaming Mouse And G613 Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech Keyboard and Mouse

Logitech today added a couple of new and cordless products to its gaming peripheral lineup, the G603 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse and G613 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. To supplement the launch, it also introduced an oversized mouse surface, the G840 XL Gaming Mouse Pad.

G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Let's start with the mouse. The G603 features Logitech's brand new High Efficiency Rated Optical (or HERO) sensor, which it invented with an eye on performance and power efficiency (leading to longer lasting battery life). If you ask Logitech, the company will tell you that its HERO sensor is the best in the business for wireless gaming mice. Sensitivity goes up to 12,000 DPI with no acceleration or smoothing, while offering 10x the power efficiency of previous generation sensors.

Logitech G603

Performance is best when connecting via LIGHTSPEED (Wi-Fi, basically), where it can deliver a 1ms report rate and up to 500 hours of non-stop gaming. When not gaming, users can switch to LO mode and extend battery life—it reports at 8ms for up to 18 months of use with two AA batteries. Bluetooth is also an option, though Logitech did not provide any stats to compare.

The G603 has six programmable buttons including on-the-fly DPI shifting through up to five sensitivity settings. Users can save their settings directly to the rodent's onboard memory.

G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G613

Logitech's new wireless mechanical keyboard also boasts a fast 1ms report rate when connecting via LIGHTSPEED. And like the G603 mouse, it can connect via Bluetooth as well, with multi-host Bluetooth functionality giving users the ability to pair up to eight devices.

The G613 users Logitech's G-Romer mechanical key switches. These have a short-throw actuation of 1.5mm and are rated for 70 million clicks.

Other features found on this plank include six dedicated and programmable G keys, multimedia controls, and a wrist rest. The keyboard also comes with a smartphone stand.

Both products will be available in later this month. You can pre-order the G603 mouse now for $70 and the G613 keyboard for $150. As for the massive G840 XL mouse pad that is big enough to sit beneath both products, it will ship in September and is available to pre-order now for $50.