Logitech’s Chic Multi-Device K780 Keyboard Pairs With Smartphones, Tablets And PCs

Logitech K780

Why wield multiple keyboards for different devices when you can have one that works with them all? That's the idea behind Logitech's K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard (just K780 from here on out), a fully-equipped PC plank with a 10-key pad that also works on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, all connected at the same time.

Simultaneous connections on a keyboard can be a bit tricky. To prevent what you're typing on your PC from appearing on your iPad and Galaxy S7 handset (or whatever tablet and phone you're rocking), there are three Easy-Switch buttons that let you toggle between three connected gadgets. And the neat thing about this is there's a lip on the back of the K780 to mount both your tablet and phone. With your PC monitor sitting behind, you can switch between the three and bang out emails and text messages at a rapid rate.

"When it comes to typing we can create a document quickly and comfortably on the computer, but when answering a text message on the phone we’re limited to what our two thumbs can do," said Art O Gnimh, global director of keyboards at Logitech. ""Now with the K780 Multi-Device, you can type comfortably at desktop speed on all the devices that you use at your desk, seamlessly switching between them with the touch of a button."

We haven't demoed a K780 yet so we can't speak to its comfort level. However, Logitech says the keys are "large and carefully scooped" for a comfortable and precise typing experience. There's also a 10-key number pad in case you're fudging filing your taxes or performing some other number crunching chore.

The K780 connects via both a Unifying USB receiver and Bluetooth Smart technology with a wireless range of more than 33 feet (10 meters). It has a power-saving idle mode, on/off switch, 128-bit AES encryption, and can last up to 24 months before having to swap out the two non-rechargeable AAA batteries that come with the keyboard.

You can buy the Logitech K780 now for $80 MSRP.