Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2 Wireless Gaming Mouse Breaks Cover With Several Upgrades

708px superlight 2
Logitech is evidently preparing to launch a new high-performance gaming mouse for the higher echelons of competitive gamers and esports pros alike, dubbed the G Pro X Superlight 2. The mouse is the successor to the G Pro X Superlight that debuted in 2020 and will come with several noteworthy upgrades over its predecessor, including a new sensor and USB Type-C charging compatibility.

The new mouse (which Logitech hasn't officially announced) will reportedly launch in the next few weeks and will be priced at around 160 Euros depending on the country. We're not sure what it will cost in the US but we suspect the Superlight 2 will be about the same once taxes are taken into account. For reference the outgoing G Pro X Superlight launched at a price of $150, so a price of $150-$160 for the Superlight 2 is not that surprising.

superlight hero 2 sensor

As previously stated, one of the biggest improvements arriving with the G Pro X Superlight 2 is an upgraded version of the home-brewed Hero sensor dubbed the Hero 2. This new sensor reportedly has an increased DPI resolution of 32,000 giving it 28% better mouse tracking on a technical scale. The new sensor also features support for higher acceleration, supporting “more than 40Gs” of acceleration. The polling rate has also doubled from the previous sensor from 1000Hz to 2000Hz. (The current market leader in signal rate is Razer with its 8000Hz gaming mice.)

Weight and battery life have also been improved with Logitech’s second iteration of the Superlight. Weight has been decreased by precisely 3 grams (from 63 grams to 60 grams), making the mouse even lighter than its predecessor, which is still one of the lightest gaming mice you can buy today. Battery life has gone up substantially from 70 hours on the outgoing model to 95 hours on the new Superlight 2, representing an impressive 36% improvement in runtime.

superlight 2 polling rate

The Superlight 2’s charging connector has also been updated to the USB Type-C standard, making it the first Logitech G Pro series mouse to do so. Previous iterations have been stuck using the antiquated Micro-USB standard for charging, and while it does get the job done, it can be annoying since you have to carry around an additional micro-USB cable for charging, alongside your Type-C charging cables. With USB Type-C, you can use any Type-C charging cable with the mouse and it will work. If Logitech gives the Superlight 2 the same Type-C accessories as the new G502 X Plus, you'll also be able to plug the mouse into a computer or laptop's Type-C port for charging and wired operation.

Again, the new G Pro X Superlight 2 is expected to arrive in two weeks at a similar price to the outgoing model. Color schemes will also be similar, with the Superlight 2 coming in black, white and magenta color schemes.

Images sourced from WinFuture