Razer Viper Mini Is The First Wireless Mouse To Flex A Blistering 8,000Hz Polling Rate

708px viper mini sig
After the success of its first 8000Hz wired gaming mouse a few years ago, Razer is finally introducing 8000Hz polling rate capabilities to wireless gamers, in the form of a free firmware update for its flagship Viper Mini Signature Edition wireless gaming mouse. That’s right, instead of introducing a new SKU, Razer is instead upgrading all Viper Mini Signature Edition mice from the original 4000Hz polling rate to 8000Hz with a firmware update that is available to download right now. The update will roll out automatically starting April 24th.

8000Hz is the fastest polling rate available on PC peripherals today, offering 8x greater response times compared to gaming mice with traditional 1000Hz polling rates. In perfect conditions, this technology should provide gamers with noticeably better mouse tracking and accuracy, especially with extremely fast high refresh rate monitors.

razer 8000hz viper sig edition demonstration

Razer does not disclose how it was able to double the mouse’s polling rate from 4000Hz to 8000Hz with just a firmware update. But the Viper Mini Signature Edition features the same Hyperpolling technology as the older Viper 8KHz, leading us to believe the Viper Mini Signature Edition was capable of 8000hz polling rates all along. We suspect Razer was not able to get the firmware ready in time for the mice’s release, forcing the company to ship the Signature Edition with a 4000Hz polling rate. However, it's an educated guess so take it with a pinch of salt.

The firmware update is a wonderful surprise either way and gives gamers a free update if they own the mouse already. The Razer Viper Mini Signature Edition is the company's flagship mini gaming mouse, featuring Razer’s Pro 30K optical sensor, 3rd generation optical mouse switches rated for 90 million clicks, and a magnesium alloy exoskeleton that reduces the weight of the mouse to just 49 grams. This makes it one of the lightest and most expensive gaming mice on the market today, with a sticker price of $279.99.
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