Logitech Launches Wireless Ergonomic Keyboards To Level Up Your Work Space

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Logitech has launched two ergonomic wireless Bluetooth keyboards that seek to reduce typing discomfort and injuries in a compact form factor. Besides a personal-use model, there will also be a business-focused version that is touted to make the life of IT teams easier. 

If you're looking for an ergonomic wireless keyboard minus the bulk usually associated with peripherals of this kind, then Logitech's Wave Keys keyboard, the latest addition to its Ergo line, might be ticket. 

Coming in a unique wavy design, the keyboard places your fingers, wrists, and forearms in a natural typing position. Moreover, for a numpad keyboard, its shape is compact enough to fit under most sliding desk trays with plenty of room for a mouse, let alone on most desks. There are also +4 degree angled legs for added customization. 

Besides being friendly to your wrists, the Wave Key is also friendly to the environment. It comes with carbon-neutral certified, where the Graphite and Off-white keyboards are comprised of 61 percent and 46 percent post-consumer recycled plastics respectively. It also doesn't hurt that the keyboard only adds two AAA batteries to the landfill (up to) every three years.

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How far away is she away from the monitor?

According to Art O’Gnimh, general manager of the Core Personal Workspace business at Logitech, “We believe that everybody deserves to feel good at the end of a day of work, so we set about designing workspace essentials that are as attractive and approachable as they are ergonomic. He adds that, “Wave Keys has workspace wellbeing at its heart, thanks to its science-driven design with a stamp of approval from leading ergonomists."

For corporate use, Wave Keys for Business utilizes Logi Bolt wireless technology to allow IT admins to deliver reliable connections that meet strict enterprise security requirements, while being able remotely monitor keyboards through the Logitech Sync for device health and push out firmware updates as necessary.

Wave Keys can be purchased for $60 beginning October 13, coming in Graphite and Off-white colorways (a Rose-colored version is expected in Spring 2024). The business model will be available beginning in November only in Graphite color.