Logitech And Herman Miller Built A Gaming Chair From The Ground Up And It Looks Sweet

vantum logitech herman miller chair
Logitech G and Herman Miller have joined forces to build the Vantum gaming chair from the ground up. The new chair is designed as a modern gaming chair for gamers to provide versatility and comfort.

Herman Miller is well known for its extremely comfortable and supportive office chairs, as well as the high price tag that comes along with owning one. The company has teamed up with Logitech G to design what the two companies say is "centered on versatility, adaptability and purposefully built for gamers from the ground up." The Vantum is said to provide the correct level of support throughout a gamer's journey, whether in a position of play or pause.

"As a performance-driven brand, our ultimate ambition is to unlock every player's potential through thoughtful solutions and research that solves problems, delivers results and enables meaningful change at every level of gaming," remarks Jon Campbell, General Manager of Gaming at Herman Miller. He goes on to say, "The Vantum Gaming Chair is our response to the community's request for more from our partnership. It delivers the same promise of advanced ergonomics, unrivaled quality and desirability of the original Embody Gaming Chair, but now with more color options and a more accessible price point."

headrest logitech herman miller chair

So, what is the more affordable price point? The Vantum has a price tag of $995 USD, which is nearly half the cost of the Embody Gaming Chair at $1795 USD. For anyone that has been eyeing the Embody, but has not been able to quite afford one, the Vantum may be just what the doctor ordered.

One of the first differences between the Vantum and the Embody one might notice is the addition of a headrest to the Vantum chair. This allows gamers a more comfortable position for leaning back and resting between games. It correctly supports the area where the base of a player's head meets their spine, according to Herman Miller.

lumbar support logitech herman miller chair

"One of the patterns our teams noted during our research is that gamers require versatility," added Campbell. "A strong posture is critical for gameplay, but having an equally supported, reclined position for moments of relaxation is key for modern gamers who not only play games but watch streams and movies, chat with friends, engage in virtual events or just need a moment to kick back after a stressful match."

In addition to the headrest, the chair also incorporates a thoracic support pad, the first in a gaming chair. This pad serves to properly support the upper back, neck and head when in a relaxed position. The headrest and thoracic pad work in unison to deliver the utmost in comfort.

If you are curious about the Vantum Gaming Chair, and perhaps want to buy one, you can do so now on Herman Miller's website. The chair is offered in three color choices, and there is an option for financing your purchase with approved credit.