Logisys SP 6000 Speakers, Intel P4 3.4E, Foxcoon Mobo and More

Good morning friends, how are we doing this AM?  My world was fairly mundane last night; I just kicked back with some tunes and a good book.  However, judging by the amount of news in my in-box it looks like others were quite busy...

Logisys Computer SP 6000 "Alien" Speakers @ System Cooling

"As the home computer market has expanded, the role of audio has come to the forefront for a lot of computer users. Games are becoming more sonically sophisticated, and many people use their systems for watching DVD's or listening to music via CD or digital formats such as MP3. Soundcards, as well as audio solutions built into many of today's motherboards, keep getting better and better. Though it would be nice to be able to spend hundreds of dollars on speakers to take advantage of these audio improvements, sometimes the wallet just can't take it. The question then becomes, can I get good sound out of a lower priced set of speakers? Today we'll look at one such set of speakers, the Logisys Computer SP 6000's, AKA the Alien speakers. These speakers can be had for under $50. Are they deserving of your well budgeted cash? Let's listen and see."

Intel Pentium 4 3.4E Prescott @ Bytesector

"Intel Corp. is the largest chip maker in the world. They own the Pentium series and were the ones who brought out the 'Intel Inside' concept way back with the original Pentium processor. Today, I will take a look at their latest addition to the Pentium 4 lineup of processors, the Intel Pentium 4 3.4E Prescott CPU. The Prescott CPU's were designed to enhance the performance of the Northwood's and give it some extras that would make it a more attractive processor. Among the additions are a larger..."

Foxconn's 755A01-6EKRS motherboard @ Tech Report

"The 755A01-6EKRS may have one of the most awkward names around, but don't let that discourage you. With Gigabit Ethernet, two Serial ATA RAID options, and a generally tweak-friendly BIOS, the 755A01 serves up plenty of perks for less than $90. Can this budget wonder keep up with more expensive and established Athlon 64 offerings? Read on to find out."

Radeon 9550 vs. GeForce FX 5500 and 5700LE @ Tweak Town

"While ATI's Radeon 9550 based graphics cards have been selling well in the China market, we will only just begin to see them showing up in all other markets now. Today we compare ATI's new Radeon 9550 GPU against the GeForce FX 5500 and 5700LE to find out which company has the lead in the value to mid range graphics market. ATI or nVidia?"

Gainward SilentFX GeForceFX 5700 @ GamePC

"Today at GamePC, we've taken a look at the first of Gainward's new "SilentFX" line of graphics cards. This card uses a custom designed cooling system with huge heatsinks and dual copper heatpipes to cool the GPU passively, allowing for completely silent operation. While their first generation product is based on the fairly weak GeForceFX 5700 graphics chip, this product certainly paves the way for silent GeForceFX 6800-series cards in the future."

Epox EP-4PDA5 i865PE Springdale Motherboard Review @ Tweaknews.net

"Today I will be reviewing Epox's latest edition to their i865PE (Springdale) based motherboards. The EP-4PDA5 is not your everyday Springdale motherboard. Although it is not targeted towards the enthusiast market, you will see in the upcoming pages that if you didn't know what chipset this motherboard was powered by, you would swear it was a Canterwood."

That is all for the moment my friend.  I sure more goodies will be popping up later today :) - Cheers